Our Activities

Food and Nutritional Security

Promotion of diversification of farm enterprises and adaption to climate change through use of appropriate technologies/ practices like drought tolerant, early maturing and disease resistant crop varieties, and livestock production

Environmental Conservation and Rehabilitation

The environment has been degraded through soil erosion, tree cutting, pollution and this affects the community livelihood and health negatively in many ways

Water and Sanitation

Insufficient, unreliable and poor quality of water sources results in loss of productive hours for women and water-borne diseases.

Micro-Enterprise Development

The local community is economically biased towards
men resulting in women having limited control and access to economic resources.

Gender equality and equity

Cultural/traditional and beliefs limit women’s access and control to food production resources and well as other resources for economic development.

Disaster Mitigation

Capacity building of community disaster mitigation committees on early warning systems (EWS), contingency planning and mitigation, community based targeting and distribution (CBTD).